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We love our community!

We were featured in a special LinkNKY article, asking “What do NKY founders find most fulfilling about running their small businesses?”

Here’s a preview:

Deborah Rudisell, founder of Cork N Crust, a pizza and wine restaurant in Bellevue, told LINK nky that one of the most rewarding aspects of running a small business was how they felt embraced by their community upon opening.

“We immediately were so welcomed by the Bellevue community,” Rudisell said. “They really have embraced us and not only the people and business owners and our customers, but the Mayor, the city council – everybody.”

Rudisell opened Cork N Crust in November of 2021 — still amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Community support was crucial to the restaurant’s survival in the beginning.

“We did take all the right precautions so we have definitely experienced what it was like to open a business in the middle of COVID,” Rudisell said. “By the time we opened, we had a lot of people that are now very regular customers that we hadn’t known six months before. We have so many regulars at our restaurant now, it’s just amazing.”

We’re dedicated to continuing to bring you the best food and service possible as a sign of our appreciation for your support. Every slice we make is crafted with love and care, and we’re always striving to make your experience with us top-notch. Thank you for being such an amazing part of our journey – we can’t wait to keep serving you delicious pizzas, custom cocktails, and amazing wine for many more years to come!

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